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YOW Medina Dye 33 Signat

Catalog number: 90374395
Model: Medina Dye 33 Signat

Surfskate YOW Medina Dye 33 "Signature will ensure you a great ride like on the waves, even in the city. Surskats YOW are inspired by surfers, and you will feel like you are at sea or ocean. Wind in your hair and endorphins from the ride are a great reward after all day at work!

Just like Gabriel Medina , a three-time world surfing champion who loves high waves, the YOW Medina Dye 33 "Signature surfskate has been designed for deep bend riding. co-plowed with Gabriel Medina and combines all the great features that a professional rider demands, which is not the only thing you will enjoy on the board, you will definitely appreciate the great batik design.

Surfskaty Yow is manufactured in Spain, specifically in Barcelona. The sunny country is directly talking about riding the waves, either sea or urban. Specifically, this YOW Medina Dye 33 "Signature surfskate has a Canadian maple board 33 ” long and 9.85” wide, Silver trucks 9 ” wide. The shape of the board is specific, it has a medium comcave, a raised tail and nose with a distinctive tip for better aerodynamics. YOW URA 66x51 mm wheels with a hardness of 80A and ABEC 7 bearings will put you into operation . And as a bonus, you can block trucks and use a surfskate like a classic cruiser.

If you also want to enjoy riding on city waves, order surfboard YOW now!


  • Length: 33 ″
  • Width: 9.85 ”
  • Wheelbase: 19


  • Trucks: YOW 9.0 Standard / Silver
  • Wheels: YOW URA 66x51mm 80A
  • Bearings: ABEC 7
  • Hanging system: YOW System S5

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