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Globe FLATSIDER white/red

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Globe FLATSIDER white / red are soft skate / cruiser wheels with a size of 60 mm , ideal for any city ride. Thanks to the hardness of the polyurethane used and the size of the wheels, the wheels overcome almost any surface. Even if they overcome most surfaces, it is better to avoid even small stones in order to prevent any damage to the wheels. If cruising is no stranger to you, then these wheels are just for you.

Globe is an Australian clothing, skateboarding and accessories brand founded in the 1980s. Globe was founded by 2 skateboarding champions together with their brother, who is currently the director of Globe . From its beginnings, he tried to promote skateboarding around the world. He wrote 2 books and made countless short films to get a skateboard among people.

Specifications :

  • soft skate wheels 60 mm wide
  • for driving on different surfaces
  • it is necessary to use high trucks


  • polyurethane

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