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Gravity G2 black

Catalog number: 90473067
Model: G2
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Gravity G2 black is a men's snowboard binding, which is the most popular binding model from the Gravity brand. A great combination of performance, comfort and modern design. G2 is unrivaled in its category.

More information and size chart can be found below.

Technical Specifications:

Base plate

  • Plastic baseplate with sliding adjustable toe and heel.

  • The back and front sliding parts are made of soft EVA material for pleasant cushioning during impacts.

Plastic ratchets

  • Reliable plastic ratchets with a precise step.

Flexible 3D Strap

  • The back strap guarantees a comfortable ride and flexible movement.

Comfort Toe Strap

  • Front strap that can be fastened both from above and over the toe of the shoe.

G2 Men Highback

  • The support foot is made to precisely fit the shape of the shoe, providing maximum support when going down the slope.

  • There is an EVA lining on the inside for all-day comfort.

EVA Dampening

  • The soft EVA material perfectly absorbs impacts and reduces vibrations while driving.

Size chart:

EUR 38-38.5 39.5-42.5 43-48
UK 5-5.5 6-8.5 9-13
US 6-6.5 7-9.5 10-14
CM 24-24.5 25-27.5 28-31.5

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