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Horsefeathers GABE matt black/gray

Catalog number: 90116179
Model: GABE

Men's HORSEFEATHERS GABE MATT BLACK / GRAY sunglasses are high quality and handmade acetate glasses with polarized TAC lenses. The glasses provide you with 100% UV protection, protect you from glare, improve contrasts and maintain color fidelity. Stylish sunglasses for sunny days.

Material: light and durable TR90 material

Dimensions: eyelet diameter 55 mm, beam width 17 mm, side length 140 mm


  • high quality and handmade acetate glasses
  • solid 5-eye joints
  • sides reinforced with a metal core
  • high quality polarizing TAC lens
  • 100% UV protection
  • heat tempered wire inserts
  • protects against glare, improves contrasts, maintains color fidelity
  • Cat 3 solar filter category
  • lens without mirroring
  • The package includes a cloth for glasses and a hard case

Material: 100% plastic

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