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Snowboard set of boards with binding Nitro RIPPER KIDS X VOLCOM + Nitro Charger

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The Nitro Ripper x Volcom is a snowboard for all little snowboarders and snowboarders. Thanks to its twin shape and flat-out rocker camber, this board is ideal for the slope and improving your riding. In addition, this board was created in collaboration with the iconic brand Volcom , so there is really something to look forward to!

More information and other technical specifications can be found below.


  • Level: Beginners / Advanced
  • Deflection: Flat-out rocker
  • Purpose: All-mountain
  • Core: Powercore - a poplar wood core that brings good strength, lightness and flexibility to improve driving characteristics
  • Standard core profile - Standard profile between the inserts, which improves controllability and increases torsional flex -> easier control of the board
  • Softride flex - Special construction that helps create a sufficiently soft snowboard with standard material depth and strength.
  • Shape: Twin - Symmetrical shape with the same long heel and toe for a balanced ride on both sides
  • Binding system: 4 x 2
  • Skid: Premium Extruded FH Base - Skid resistant to damage when riding on the street. It is easy to maintain, durable and fast
  • Radial Sidecut - the most common and simplest shape, which is also extremely versatile.
  • Lamination: Bi-Lite Laminates - lamination in two directions for better performance and handling

Flex: 1/10

The collaboration with the Volcom brand brings an exclusive design .

FSC Certification - 100% wood from sustainable harvesting

Climate neutral product - NITRO can now measure the carbon footprint in the product's life cycle. The partnership with the company ClimatePartner then enables it to look for more effective ways to reduce the carbon footprint and thus produce products that are kind to our planet.

100% Natural Speed ​​Wax - biodegradable wax from renewable sources

Size chart and other information:

132 132 137 137
Rider weight (kg) 30-50 30-50 35-55 35-55
Contact edge (cm) 96 96 100 100
Center Width (cm) 22.4 22.4 23.2 23.2
Tip width (cm) 26.1 26.1 27.1 27.1
Heel width (cm) 26.1 26.1 27.1 27.1
Stance range (cm) 42-54 42-54 44-56 44-56
Cutout (m) 7 7 7.1 7.1
Hardness 1 1 1 1
Inserts 4×2 / 4×4 4×2 / 4×4 4×2 / 4×4 4×2 / 4×4


Children's snowboard bindings Nitro MINI CHARGER black is another model of high-quality bindings from the Nitro brand. Thanks to good adjustability, the Nitro brand makes great boards, bindings and shoes. The same is true of this children's model. For more information, read the specifications below

Technical Specifications:

Response: 3/10

Comfort: 7/10

Cushioning: EVA


  • A-Frame Youth Base - Basic durable construction for children's snowboard bindings


  • Ripper Highback - Flexible yet flexible heel with a softer flex.


  • Perfect Fit Ankle Strap - ankle straps designed as an optimal compromise between response and comfort.
  • BEST Convertible Toe Strap - Safe and comfortable fastening for any snowboard boot. The front strap can be fastened over the toe and over the instep.
  • Cable Reinforced Connectors - Tapes reinforced with steel cable - increased resistance


  • Speedwheel - Ratchets and straps with easy fastening
  • Easy Entry Buckles and Ratchets - "S" shaped ratchets that do not get tangled under your feet when getting in. Wide buckles guarantee easy release and quick fastening.

Sizes of children's snowboard boots:

  • EU: 33.5 - 38.0
  • US: 3.0 - 6.5

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at info@templestore.eu